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Transport and Worldwide Shipping

​​​​​​​Transport fees

On many websites the basic price of the offered machines is often known. This does, however, not apply to the amount for the transport that should yet be added. Depending on the distance and the dimensions this can often amount to thousands of Euros and eventually determines as to whether the purchase is worth it.

The buyer moreover loses a lot of time finding and organizing the most cost efficient transport and this does not only delay the handling but also the moment the machine can be deployed. That is why it is good to know that in most instances we can online offer a sharp shipment fee for the selected object to the port you desire. Also for customers who market a machine through our agency the sales process is thus speeded up as much as possible.

​​​​​​​Every transport is customised

The transport fees and the associated documents are always the closing entries of a transaction, the machines often fall outside the allowed standard dimensions and weight which often implies high transport fees. To reduce this to a minimum we offer our customers the following possibilities:

  • Loading ramp
  • Container loading/transport/shipment
  • RoRo shipping
  • Road transport